Tokyo Ramen School!

ラ塾 - RaJuku

Please email me at if you are interested in a class.

Looking for a ramen school in Tokyo? Look no further than the RaJuku. The RaJuku brings together some of Tokyo's most revered ramen chefs for two kinds of classes. One is a simple, one-day experience and the other is an intensive, in-depth 15 days of ramen study.

1-Day Course (4 hours)

You'll learn a classic shoyu ramen from the Jiraigen Syndicate (check out their Saikoro shop here). Soup, tare seasoning, and toppings are all covered in this class, and at the end you'll plate your own bowl of classic Tokyo-style ramen. You can get a good idea of this class here:

The school is located near Fuchinobe Station, about one hour from central Tokyo. The costs are listed below. More people can join for half price. Please email me at and I will put you in touch with the school.

12-Day Authentic Ramen Course

Looking for something serious, something that will give you the foundation to understand and create your own ramen? The Rajuku's 12-day authentic ramen course brings some of Tokyo's best chefs together to teach you everything from recipes to shop management to ingedient sourcing. You'll have instruction from Koitani-san (Saikoro), Yamaguchi-san (Yamaguchi), Uchida-san (Hajime), Aoki-san (logo designer), and others. These are some of Tokyo's ramen heavyweights, with countless accolades (Top 10 rankings, Michelin Guide recommended shops, many media appearances).

The curriculum details for this course, and other longs ones, can be found below.

All the Classes:

Authentic ramen course12dayslearn all of the process about ramen from basic to deeper knowledge.
>Tokyo's best chefs together to teach you everything from recipes to shop management to ingedient sourcing.
>you can get the cirtificate when you finish the term.
(without tax)
 Additional people in your group can get discount!contact now!
Basic course6dayslearn the basic Ramen.210,000JPY
(without tax)
Application and Practice course6daysBlush up your skills.
(without tax) 
Noodle making1DayMake homemade noodles
>lean about flour, use noodle making machine.
>If you had 15days class, you can take this class for 50%off 
(without tax) 
One day experience4hoursLearn how to make NoMSG Shoyu Ramen.
>for visitors and tourists.
(without tax)
Additional people in your group for 1person for free.
Tonkotsu special course3daysLearn how to make Tonkotsu(100%pork creamy broyh)
>day1-day2, Make Tonkotsu broth and different kind of seasoning oil.day3 for Oparation taraining or Noodle making.
(without tax)
Additional people in your group can get discount.
IZAKAYA menu 3days3daysLearn how to make IZAKAYA manu. 
> Kara age,Gyoza, Tonkatsu, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Potato salads, Agedashi Tofu, Japanese pickles etc,,,
>Oparation training
We will respond to your request! 
(without tax) 
Additional people in your group can get discount.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the upcoming schedule like?
A: Please see this schedule. Students for the 1-day class can join on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Will I have a translator?
A: The chef's wife, Chee-chan, will be there most of the time to translate for you.

Q: Where is the school?
A: Fuchinobe Station is about an hour from Shinjuku. Please keep that in mind when planning for a class here.

Q: What is the cancellation fee?
A: Before 10 days, 10%. Before 3 days, 50%. Within 3 days, 100%.