Tokyo Ramen School!

ラ塾 - RaJuku

Please email me at if you are interested in a class. The next available 12-day classes are frin 7/1, 8/5, and 9/23.

Looking for a ramen school in Tokyo? Look no further than the RaJuku. The RaJuku brings together some of Tokyo's most revered ramen chefs for two kinds of classes. One is a simple, one-day experience and the other is an intensive, in-depth 15 days of ramen study.

1-Day Course (4 hours)

You'll learn a classic shoyu ramen from the Jiraigen Syndicate (check out their Saikoro shop here). Soup, tare seasoning, and toppings are all covered in this class, and at the end, you'll plate your own bowl of classic Tokyo-style ramen. You can get a good idea of this class here:

The school is located near Fuchinobe Station, about one hour from central Tokyo. The costs are listed below. More people can join for half price. Please email me at and I will put you in touch with the school.

12-Day Authentic Ramen Course

Looking for something serious, something that will give you the foundation to understand and create your own ramen? The Rajuku's 12-day authentic ramen course features a week of recipes and instruction followed by a week of more recipes and practical training.

The curriculum details for this course, and other longs ones can be found below.

All the Classes:

Price per person
12-day Master Course
You will learn from basic to advanced ramen recipes. You will also experience opening a shop and serving ramen to customers. Creating your own original ramen as the final test!
420,000 yen
6-day Basic Course
This class is essentially the first half of the Master Course. You will learn the basics of many kinds of ramen.
230,000 yen
3-Day Tonkotsu Course
Learn the details of creamy tonkotsu ramen. Two days are for preparation, and one day is operations training.
150,000 yen
1-Day Experience
If you would like to join for just one day, this class is for you. This class usually does a no-msg shoyu ramen, but if you are looking for another style, we can accommodate that as well.
50,000 yen
1-Day Noodle Course
Add on class for students taking the longer courses. You’ll use a Japanese noodle machine to make different noodles.
30,000 yen

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the upcoming schedule like?
A: Please email me an I will let you know. 12-day classes are generally once a month.

Q: Will I have a translator?
A: The chef's wife, Chee-chan, will be there most of the time to translate for you.

Q: Where is the school?
A: Fuchinobe Station is about an hour from Shinjuku. Please keep that in mind when planning for a class here.

Q: What is the cancellation fee?
A: Before 10 days, 10%. Before 3 days, 50%. Within 3 days, 100%.