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Tokyo Ramen Tours

If you or your group are coming to Tokyo with food in mind, I am happy to provide private ramen tours. I have given food tours for chefs, food writers, restaurant groups, and tourists.

Our most popular tour!
We'll visit 2 ramen shops in about 2 hours.
First up, something light and full of umami flavors.
Next is something a bit heavier, fatty and flavorful.
$100 per person
A bowl of ramen, followed by a visit to a local seafood izakaya.
Izakaya's serve small plates that go great with Japanese sake or beer.
Sushi, sashimi, tempura, the menu here change daily based on the fresh catch.
Lots of food and two drinks are included.
$150 per person
Yakitori shops serve up small skewers of meat (usually chicken),
as well as small plates of snacks and tasty drinks.
We'll hit up a very local yakitori shop after a bowl of ramen.
Squeeze in with the regulars, and relax with a big kanpai!
$125 per person
Craft beer, high-end sushi, mountaintop udon, local sake?
Let me know what you are into, and we can make it happen.

Tours for one person are charged a flat $200 rate. Tours run anytime and are completely private. All the food and drinks are inclusive in the cost.
Just email me at with your request and I’ll let you know if it is possible.

Cancellations: There is a $100 cancellation charge within a month of booking. Within three days I cannot offer a refund.

About your guide:

Brian MacDuckston has been writing about ramen and the ramen scene in Japan for over 10 years.
He has been to over 1300 shops, published two books on the subject, and appeared on television as a ramen expert.
A native of San Francisco, he loves showing travelers his favorite restaurants, both ramen and non-ramen alike.