Sunday, January 3, 2021

The BEST Ramen in Tokyo 2020

Here is my 2020 list of the BEST ramen in Tokyo.

Hmmm, how can I increase my SEO?

The most best top gourmet ramen in Tokyo, Japan! You won't believe number 12! Yes, number 12 is cricket ramen. OMG, I ate insect bug ramen and lived to tell about it (warning gross bugs!).

Did that work? Last year's Best Ramen in Tokyo has more hits than average, but I want more! Let's crush it in 2020.

Anyways, the list is better viewed over at my dedicated best-of ramen site


but if you just want to see the photos go ahead and scroll down. As always, this is just a list of shops that I blogged about in 2020 that I thought were standouts. It's not a solid top 10 list or anything like that, but these are all winners. Happy New Year!

case-K in Chiba

房総式ラーメン 人力船 (Jinrikisen in Chiba)

中華そば 螢 (Hotaru in Saitama)

道有楽 (Doraku in Kashiwa, Saitama)

麺ハチイチ (81 Noodle Bar in Kichijoji)

crab台風 (Crab Typhoon in Ningyocho, Tokyo)

迂直 (Uchoku in Ogikubo, Tokyo)

焼鳥 山もと (Yamamoto in Mitaka, Tokyo)

味噌っ子ふっく (Hook in Ogikubo, Tokyo)

味噌ぶりnoodleみやみや (Miyamiya in Sakuragaoka, Tokyo)

らーめん飛粋 (Hiiki in Kamata, Tokyo)

コオロギラーメン (Cricket Ramen at Antcicada)

IRUCA Tokyo in Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo

函館塩ラーメン 五稜郭 (Goryokaku in Ogikubo, Tokyo)

ぜんや (Zenya in Niiza, Saitama)

麺処 しろくろ (Shirokuro in Kamitakaido, Tokyo)

中華蕎麦きつね (Kitsune in Rokakoen, Tokyo)

ラーメン 健やか (Sukoyaka in Mitaka, Tokyo)

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