Sunday, December 6, 2020

むめさん (Mumesan in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture)


焼きそば・お好み焼き むめさん

Since my last post was about udon, how about another non-ramen noodle adventure?

Yakisoba is made by frying cooked noodles (Chinese style noodles usually) on a teppan with sauce and toppings.

Pork, squid, kimchi, or all of the above. I was driving, so no drinking, but this is one of the best beer foods in Japan. Mumesan was run by little old ladies. They do the cooking, you do the eating. According to the website, they appear 肝っ玉 母ちゃん (stubborn? fierce?) but are actually 涙もろい (easily moved to tears?). 

The style in this part of Japan is to use steamed noodles known as miyamen (宮麺). Shops like this often enter food competitions, and Fujinomiya has won a few awards for their yakisoba and okonomiyaki.

I noticed this shop when I was out cabin-camping with some friends near Mt. Fuji. Not a bad view!

Mumesan isn't very convenient, but if you plan on driving around Mt. Fuji for a day, or staying somewhere nearby, I can recommend it for lunch. I'd say a quick lunch but this shop can get lines, sometimes massive ones, so be prepared to wait.

Official site here.

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