Sunday, December 13, 2020

健楽 (Kenraku in Kachidoki, Tokyo)


Something interesting that I do in my free time is drive boats around the canals of Tokyo. I often use a marina in Kachidoki. Kenraku is an old school Chinese spot in the area. Some friends and I thought we'd check it out before cruising.

Wait . . . boats in Tokyo? I actually had to get a special boat driving license for this. Then I joined a marina. Now I can rent. By the way, if you are ever in Tokyo and want to cruise around with me, I made a meetup group. Just send me a message and maybe we can work it out.

April is a prime month for cruising the canals. Cherry blossoms slowly falling into the water, covering the surface with a layer of pink. Beautiful!

The ramen at Kenraku is basic. The shop is old. The customers are locals. 

The best thing we had here was the fried rice.

Interestingly, they don't want you posting on the internet. Oops.

If you are in the area, keep in mind that this is Tokyo's center of monjayaki, a kind of mash-up of cabbage, batter, and toppings cooked on a teppan grill. Ramen hunters can check out some local ramen shops, but if you've never had monja before, you gotta do it!

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