Sunday, November 22, 2020

Okiboro House of Tsukemen in Los Angeles, California

Okiboru House of Tsukemen

In LA's Chinatown, a noodle shop made waves in 2019 by being the first to receive recognition by the Michelin Guide. This was California's first foray into the red book. As always, it was full of controversy (apparently the state's tourism board paid around $600,000 to get LA included) but to see ramen (or tsukemen) get any praise is a good thing.

Welcome! Despite living in Los Angeles for around five years back in the late 90s, I never made it to their Chinatown. Nowadays, they are famous for hipster coffee shops, great American smokehouse barbecue, and tsukemen. Go figure.

Noodles and broth are made in house. Thick, wheaty noodles. Rich, porky soup. This one was spot on. Sure, I would have preferred some sudachi citrus to the California lime, but that isn't really being fair. I enjoyed this bowl immensely. 

After almost two weeks away from Japan, this felt right at home. Tsukemen is an underdog in the American ramen world, which makes a shop like this even more special.

They also have a yuzu chintan tsukemen with a lighter broth for those who want to ride the #yuzu wave that seems to still be going on outside of Japan. I can't imagine it being better than this tsukemen though. You tell me!

Obligatory bao. I never order these, but the people I'm with always do. Bao Adventures isn't coming anytime soon unless it becomes a massive trend in Japan, which could very well happen. Bubble tea, after all, has swept this country (Japan) in the last couple of years.

FYI, I heard they closed but then I heard that wasn't true. I live in Tokyo, not California, so I really can't stay abreast of these things. But like all blogs, legit or amateur, you should check before you go. I hope the latter is true. This was a decent bowl!

Official site here.

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