Thursday, November 12, 2020

中華蕎麦きつね (Kitsune in Rokakoen, Tokyo)


Do you like kitsune udon (きつねうどん)? Do you like ramen (ラーメン)? Kitsune the ramen shop opened in January 2020 and takes a bit from column A and a bit from column B. Light shoyu ramen topped with tasty aburage fried tofu.

I've loved this style of udon since my early days in Japan. It may be culinary blasphemy, but the instant form of kitsune udon is probably my favorite type of instant noodles. This one in particular:

Why, though, is it called kitsune udon. Kitsune (きつね or 狐) means fox. Fox udon? One theory is that it is the Shinto messenger fox's favorite treat.

Call me a messenger fox.

The soup is more like an udon dashi than a heavy ramen soup. Umami-rich and refreshing.

The shop gained a bit of fame for their black inarizushi. Fried tofu skins stuffed with sushi rice. It gets the black color from bamboo charcoal. Tasty little snacks and they are also available for takeout.

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