Thursday, November 26, 2020

らぁ麺 いしばし (Ishibashi in Asagaya, Tokyo)


らぁ麺 いしばし 

Ramen Ishibashi opened on the popular covered shopping arcade next to Asagaya Station in January 2019. Chuo Line keeps pumping them out.

The master scoured the Tokyo ramen landscape for inspiration. He was particularly impressed by shops like Menya Sho with their simple yet thoughtful chicken ramen.

If you are a fan of this style as well, Ishibashi is another one to try.

They had only been open for a month or so, but already the ramen nerds had descended. Maro, the Lamborghini-driving ramen hunter and Hiroshi, along with Yosshii and his "unofficial" sticker. If you see these stickers at ramen shops around Japan, you know that at the very least it is on people's radars.

The tsukemen is a testament to quality chicken. Nothing but birds and water in the broth. Shingen chickens (信玄鶏) from Yamagata Prefecture are high in umami. These are combined with Abe chickens (あべ鶏) from Iwate Prefecture. Everything is simmered for around five hours.

The shoyu ramen was also quality, though I think the tsukemen is something special here. If pure chicken isn't your thing, they make a double soup with some added niboshi dashi as well.

Of course, the kodawari goes beyond just quality chickens. Perfectly balanced water courtesy of pi water filtration. A blend of three salts from Japan, France, and inner Mongolia. Soy sauce from Chiba's tamasa maker. Eggs that probably cost the shop more than they charge.

Almost every station on the Chuo Line (running from Tokyo Station towards the west) has one of these shotengai shopping streets. Many, like the one here in Asagaya, are covered. Forgot your umbrella on a rainy Tokyo day? Not a problem.

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