Sunday, October 25, 2020

函館塩ラーメン 五稜郭 (Goryokaku in Ogikubo, Tokyo)

函館塩ラーメン 五稜郭


Hakodate in Hokkaido is known for shio ramen. They are also known for fresh seafood. If you have a chance to visit Hakodate, you should check out their fish market, even though it is quite touristy.

No time to go to Hakodate? You can get some of that Hokkaido goodness down in Ogiukubo, Tokyo at Goryokaku. They make a light shio ramen with Hakodate konbu.

The konbu here is something special. It's called gagome konbu (ガゴメコンブ), and it is only harvested around the Hakodate area. This particular kind of konbu is easily made into tororokonbu, a kind of shredded topping that melts into the soup and becomes quite an umami bomb (and quite slimy).

It's great stuff, but no one will fault you if it isn't your style.

With global climate change, however, the water around the southern edge of Hokkaido has been increasing in temperature over the years, and this konbu is being harvested less and less.

What makes the kelp special? According to konbu experts, the area where the chishima current (千島海流) meets the kuroshio current (黒潮) is very nutrient-rich. There are also many small streams feeding the ocean from the land. And some kind of acidic rock called ryolite (流紋岩) makes for a perfect substrate for this konbu.

My take away? It is damn tasty.

Yet another solid shop in Ogikubo. Check out more shops on Suginami-ku's official English site here.

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