Thursday, August 20, 2020

長浜ナンバーワン (Nagahama Number One in Fukuoka)

長浜ナンバーワン 祇園店

Nagahama Number One lives up to their name and is consistently ranked as a number one spot in Hakata.

Nagahama Number One is as tonkotsu as it gets. The shop was originally a yatai food cart called Shoryuken back in 1971 before changing their name and opening their brick-and-mortar shop. The idea for their name was created with the same reason foodie YouTubers include "BEST" in their titles, simply a way to be noticed. Hakata's BEST Tonkotsu Ramen?

Noticed they were, and Nagahama Number One has become a sort of standard in the world of tonkotsu ramen. At just 620 yen for a normal bowl, you can roll in an crush a bowl in about three minutes.

They pride themselves on keeping the original yatai style.

They have branches around Japan, though the one in Tokyo was something I immediately forgot. Stick to the original.

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