Monday, August 17, 2020

Furari in Beppu, Oita Prefecture


Furari is consistenly ranked at the top of Oita ramen shops. They use Miyazaki pork cooked daily to make a frothy style tonkotsu ramen as well as their tantanmen. Noodles are made inhouse and resemble pasta. Tare is made from Hyogo soy sauce.

One of my last bowls in Kyushu in 2019 was at Furari. Of the seven prefectures in Kyushu, Oita is the least known for noodle culture. Their tourism campaigns always focus on onsen hot springs.

Furari is located on the north side of Beppu, on a hill overlooking steam vents and small onsen resorts. Keep in mind that all the onsen are in the Beppu area. If you stay down near Oita Station, you'll need to make your way up here via slow train.

Furari = Ferrari?

Fantastic stuff. Like many tantanmen bowls in Japan, it isn't too spicy, and the spice that is there is mellowed out by the creamy tonkotsu soup.

Official site here.

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