Thursday, July 16, 2020

再来軒 (Sairaiken in Miyazaki Prefecture)

らーめん 再来軒

Pure pork heaven in the town of Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture. Sairaiken's ramen looks rough and funky, but is surprisingly smooth. Even the fatty chashu covering the bowl (get the chashu bowl over the regular one 焼豚入ラーメン) is tender and delicate.

Yet another legend shop, Sairaiken has been making ramen since 1956. One of their claims is that they have been adding pork bones to the same pot since they started. Don't you love Japan? Could you get away with this sort of thing overseas?

Ramen and mini meshi (めし) rice bowls. At 950 yen, the recommended bowl with extra chashu is high for Kyushu, where 500 yen seems like the ramen norm. Coming from Tokyo, though, a bowl of this quality for less than one bill is a steal.

Noodles are made inhouse in the back room.

Ingredients are sourced locally, like the pork from Miyazaki Prefecture and the Nobeoka (延岡) green onions. The soup is full of pork knuckles and pig heads. They boast that their ramen can prevent summer heat exhaustion with the added vitamin B1 and collagen. 

So many legend shops out here in Miyazaki Prefecture.

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