Thursday, July 2, 2020

冷めん家 (Reimenya in Hiroshima)

冷めん家 大手町店

Reimenya is a Hiroshima-style tsukemen-only shop, serving one dish year-round. The master starts preparing the soup at 4:00 am each day, uses local green onions, and stays away from any kind of chemical seasoning.

The tsukemen here is covered with crisp vegetables and matched with a soup that is a bit less intense than other shops in Hiroshima.

The shop is stylish. Light wood counters and yellow accents. Even the menu folder is the shop's signature bright yellow.

Technically a cold noodle dish, Hiroshima-style tsukemen was traditionally only served in the hotter half of the year. When they opened in 1985, Reimenya was the first shop to start serving it year-round. Fans don't hibernate, so neither does Reimenya.

This particular shop, located right next to must-visit Hiroshima Peace Park, was opened by Kenta Kadonaka, the son of the original founder. You can still visit his father's shop in the Tokaichi district a few blocks away.

Official site here.

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