Monday, June 8, 2020

焼鳥 山もと (Yamamoto in Mitaka, Tokyo)

焼鳥 山もと

Yamamoto is one of my favorite higher-end yakitori shops in Tokyo. It's located out in Mitaka, so your chances of scoring a seat are much better than one of the great shops in central Tokyo, like Torishiki, Bird Land, or Imai. Recommended without hesitation.

Recently, they started opening at lunch to serve chicken ramen. Chicken ramen from one of Tokyo's best yakitori joints?

Many yakitori shops serve a carb dish at the end of the meal. Oyakodon (親子丼) is the most common. Literally meaning parent and child bowl, it's chicken and egg on rice. Some spots make a simple chicken broth with noodles. So ramen is a natural progression.

Deep chicken soup with legit toppings. Oyama chicken chashu, duck chashu, and wontons. Soup is made with chicken carcasses, chicken meat, and a lot of chicken feet. Chicken feet (足首) have little flavor and a lot of nice fat, something a yakitori restaurant wouldn't really use on the grill. By utilizing it for the soup, nothing is wasted.

The tantanmen was also outstanding. Japanese-style, meaning a delicate, umami-rich soup with a lighter-than-China level of spice.

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