Monday, June 15, 2020

味噌ぶりnoodleみやみや (Miyamiya in Sakuragaoka, Tokyo)


Miyamiya was the rookie miso of the year back in 2017. Actually, they were tied with Kaede, a miso shop that recently rebranded as Hook, which was the shop I visited the day before Miyamiya. The world is funny that way.

Miso ramen shops that want to get a step ahead of the pack will go deep with their miso blends. Miyamiya uses five main misos plus a few more to balance the flavors out.
  • Aobata miso (青ばた味噌) from Yamagata. Miso made from unripened edamame beans.
  • Baikoji miso (倍糀味噌) from Shimane. Miso from a famous shoyu maker. They use natural koji mold and natural salt in the production.
  • Kodawari miso (こだわり味噌) from Oita. This miso maker has been around since the Edo Era and their miso was presented to the emperor of Japan (天皇献上). Gotta be great!
  • Tokujo shiro miso (特上白味噌) from Kyoto. A kind of Saikyo white miso (西京味噌). This miso is often used as a marinade for cooking meats and fish.
  • Hacho miso (八丁味噌). Heavily aged miso.

I gotta give props to these shops that display their special ingredient information on the counter. Makes my life much easier when it comes to writing these places up.

The ramen is top-level. All kinds of miso funkiness, miso saltiness, and miso aroma going on. I'd be a liar if I said I could distinguish the subtle differences that using a particular white miso makes, but their efforts pay off in the end.

Excellent shop out on the west side of Tokyo.

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