Monday, June 1, 2020

嘉賓 (Kahin in Yotsuya)


Delicious カキソース和えそば oyster sauce aesoba is by far the most famous dish at the Chinese restaurant Kahin. 和える means "dressed", so aesoba is a simple noodle dish with a simple sauce and no soup. You'll find aesoba replacing the typical kaedama (those extra noodles you order when your want a re-up) at many ramen shops these days. The difference is that aesoba has some additions like sauce or a bit of toppings.

This shop is full of Japanified Chinese dishes done very well.

Shrimp with chili sauce is mild and tasty. The idea of shrimp with spicy sauce, called ebi-chiri-sauce (エビチリソース) is uniquely Japanese. It is one of those dishes, like General Tso's Chicken, that was invented in the country it is served. I've met a couple Chinese chefs in Japan who hate serving this stuff but do so because your lunch service will consist of 50% ebi-chiri. That and it isn't tough to make.

Fried rice is a given.

 Gyoza for days.

Yes, this is a spot to come and feast.

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