Monday, June 22, 2020

らーめん飛粋 (Hiiki in Kamata, Tokyo)


Hiiki strays from the ie-kei norm of including the 家 kanji in the name (an homage to the originator of this porky ramen style Yoshimuraya), but the flavors un undoubtedly Yokohama-style. Powerful chicken and pork broth mixed with aromatic chicken oil, topped with some bomb pork. The master here worked at a famous ie-kei shop before opening Hiiki in 2018.

The Ramen Beast approves! Go to the tokusei ramen (特製らーめん) in the upper left. The only decision you really need to think about is whether you want lean momo-niku or fatty bara-niku.

You know a spot is good, or at least has some hype around it, when the Ramen Rally stickers cover the wall.

Garlic, ginger, and spicy paste. The ginger is particularly nice in an intense ie-kei tonkotsu ramen.

Fatty pork belly (ばら) for that visual impact. Yokohama-style ie-kei ramen is easy to spot. Just look for the large sheets of nori seaweed, spinach, and golden broth.

I found Hiiki to be a bit more refined than other ie-kei shops. Ie-kei has a tendency to border on heavy. Some may say it ventures into the realm of Jiro. Hiiki won't knock you down like some other shops will.

Definitely one of Tokyo's top choices for this style.

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