Thursday, May 7, 2020

汁なし担担麺と魚介そば sirusi (Sirusi in Sangenjaya, Tokyo)

汁なし担担麺と魚介そば sirusi


Shops in Tokyo come and go. When a soupless tantanmen spot opened in trending Sangenjaya, and said shop gets the nod from most respected ramen critics, I was in!

Unfortunately for a blogger who blogs eight or nine months late, the ramen here was good. Unfortunate because they have shut down.

Spicy and numbing. They stepped up a regular tantanmen with the addition of ocean umami. Dried fish and kelp vinegar.

Good gyoza as well.

Sorry, folks.

Even had some sansho liquor. Sansho gives those numbing, aromatic, bitter flavors to this kind of food. Spicy ramen with a shot of booze anyone?

Looking at Google Maps, it appears to be a bakery now. Sorry about that.

Well, I still think Lashohan is a stand out choice, so head there if you want a bowl of quality soupless tantanmen.

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