Thursday, May 14, 2020

好陽軒 (Koyoken in Nagoya)


Certainly one of the most visual bowls out there. Ramen geeks in Japan can recognize Koyoken with ease. A few dozen thick-cut menma pieces cover the ramen. Sure, that housemade menma is a major draw, but the soup isn't bad either.

The 竹 (take means bamboo) bowl has the goods. Of course, you can get one with significantly less menma if you really want, but it won't look as good on your Instagram feed.

The ramen here is known as Korai-style (好来系). It's a Nagoya style originating in 1959 that uses chicken, pork, and marine products along with onion, carrot, and other root vegetables to make a cloudy soup. Another small detail about this style is the use of 松, 竹, and 寿 on the menu. 松 (matsu) is the normal bowl. 竹 (take) has extra menma. 寿 (kotobuki) has extra pork. Koyoken (and I assume other shops in the korai style) has a special 寿竹 bowl as well, with extra pork and extra menma. Go for it!

Official site here.

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