Monday, May 25, 2020

酒酔 醍醐 (Daigo in Kanazwa)

酒酔 醍醐

Technically not a ramen shop, Daigo is an izakaya that serves some of Japan's most premium sakes.

Take a look outside to see if they have your favorite. Many, many Juyondai bottles for those with deep pockets.

Izakayas serve snacks and small plates meant to go well with sake. Daigo is no exception, and you can try many local seafood specialties like nodoguro (a kind of fatty fish) and oysters. And like most izakayas, they have some soupy carbs to finish on. In this case, ramen comes in the form of fishy (魚介スープの旨塩味), miso (ひき肉たっぷり味噌味), or beef (牛テールスープの醤油味). I went with the beef tail bowl.

Nothing mind-blowing, but when you are a bit tipsy (or downright drunk), you want a simple, filling thing to end the meal.

You came here for the sake, right?

Stellar collection. The full line of Aramasu, dozens of my favorite Kudoki Jozu, and the aforementioned Juyondai. Yes, they get a few bottles of Ryusen when it is released, with a price of over $100 for a small glass.

Come for the premium sake, stay for the ramen.

Official site here.

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