Monday, May 18, 2020

大つけ麺博2019 (Grand Tsukemen Fest 2019 in Shinjuku)


Remember 2019? I do. I didn't go as hard on the annual Grand Tsukemen Fest as I normally do, as I was traveling a bit in the month of October. It was unfortunate, as this year's lineup was insane. Usually, we have five weeks with nine shops each week for a total of 45 places to try. This time, shops were constantly changing in and out of the ten booths. A total of 100 ramen shops from around Japan made the trek to Shinjuku.

Could you crush 100 bowls in one month?

I would if I could. The event in 2020 is still undecided, though if they repeat this system I'll go for it.

Each shop had a stamp, and the more stamps you get the more prizes you can go home with.

Crush all 100 and you'll have a custom bowl and custom spoon. I realize that at 870 yen a bowl that is an 800 dollar bowl. I'd still do it if I could.

To be honest, I rarely have a stellar bowl of ramen at these events, as the noodles in soup tend to get soft as we wait for friends.

But the mazesoba bowls are another story. I love them! How about some mazesoba topped with fried gyoza, fried gobo (burdock), and a bunch of meat? Yeah, I thought so.

I reckon I crushed around 20 or 30 bowls this year. October is a wonderful time to be outside in Japan, and this venue is only a 10-minute bicycle ride from my home. Nothing going on . . . head to the Grand Tsukemen Fest.

Stay tuned about the 2020 event. If they have this 100 concept again, I'm in it to win it. I would have to time things perfectly though, as some shops are only there for a day or two.

Official site here.

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