Friday, April 3, 2020

Suppugarðurin in Faroe Islands

Suppugarðurin - フェロー諸島のラーメン

Wait, where are you? The Faroe Islands?

Yep! Actually, we just stumbled on this shop randomly. It was the American behind Ramen Adventures, the Russian behind Karma Ramen, and the Japanese behind Antcicada Ramen. You know we had to try!

A broad menu with the standards of the ramen world.

Super random, and probably Faroe's only ramen shop. The food scene in Faroe is quite unique. You have one of the world's top restaurants, Koks, a few spots in the capital city of Torshavn, and then a whole lot of nothing in the rest of the country.

So, yeah, we were surprised to see a ramen shop. Suppugarðurin is downstairs from a Danish open-face sandwich place, so you have two hip, trendy foods in one essentially.

Shota-kun was out here doing a stage at Koks. He's spent all of his short adult life in gourmet kitchens, having worked at L'effervesence in Tokyo and some stints out in Copenhagen and Faroe. By the time you read this (assuming Covid-19 hasn't said otherwise), he will be working at his new restaurant in Tokyo, Antcicada. They serve a gourmet course in the evening and ramen for lunch. Oh, and everything on the menu is insect-focused. Of course, I'll be bringing you a bit more info about that soon.

Here with Igor in my new Faroe-made sweater.

What a magical land.

Honestly spectacular. I'd love to come back, with a motorcycle, and spend a few more days exploring this tree-less mound of green.

I'll be baaaaack.

The ramen was fine. Some issues with the balance, as the tare was quite weak in the shio ramen. Fun shop with a neat atmosphere. The walls are handpainted with dragons and schoolgirls and some slightly incorrect Japanese phrases.

They have some excellent beers from Mikkeller, though it seems like everyone in northern Europe has some excellent beers from Mikkeller on their menus.

And I wasn't kidding about the food scene being sparse here. Outside of Torshavn, there are the occasional pizza / kebab / gasoline stands, and the occasional small supermarket. We stayed at an Airbnb in an old Boy Scout camp. It was a cabin on the water with no amenities and a great price. We drank local aquavit with tins of preserved fish. It was epic.

Official site here.

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Robert Sullivan said...

I believe Suppugarðurin means "The Soup Garden" in Faroese/Icelandic. (The "in" at the end of a noun means "the".)