Thursday, April 16, 2020

Casa Ramen Super in Milano, Italy

Casa Ramen Super

I met Luca back in 2015 when his Italian ramen was featured at the Yokohama Ramen Museum. It took four years, but I finally made it to the source. Unfortunately, his main shop, Casa Luca, was closed during the summer holidays. Fortunately, his second shop, Casa Ramen Super, was open for business. Let's go!

Super! Six different styles using four different soups. They were out of the signature tonkotsu this time, so with some local friends, we tried all the rest.

Yuzu ramen with a Mediterranean fish called umbrina. A very fleshy fish, umbrina works well as sashimi or ceviche. A very light flavor with a nice kick of spicy yuzu kosho.

The Tori Red Paitan is a creamy chicken soup with a bit of both spicy oil and burnt garlic oil, known as mayu in Japan. Spot on bomb creamy style ramen.

A bit of aburasoba for my little Principessa. I hadn't seen my friend Francesca in over a decade, and to eat ramen with her and her daughter was a delight. Along with another friend Alex, I was happy to introduce two people to the world of great ramen in Milano. 

Unfortunately, I only had one afternoon in Milano, so just a few hours to check out the town. I went back to have some pizza and natural wines with Luca Catalfamo. I even filmed for a YouTube video. Stay tuned for that!

Official site here.

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