Thursday, April 30, 2020

梅花亭 (Baikatei in Shiga Prefecture)


Baikatei is one of Shiga Prefecture's most celebrated shops. If you narrow your search down to Nagahama on the east side of Lake Biwa, this is the one to hit. I went for the sake kasu ramen (酒かすのらーめん) as recommended by the staff, but found out later they are better known for their snapper dashi ramen (天然鯛だしそば). I can assure you the one I ate was excellent.

Baikatei is a consistent winner on both Tabelog and Ramen Walker's annual grand prix. 

Very, very good. I am a sucker for well-made sake kasu ramen, as the number of places using it as an ingredient can fit on one hand.

The shop's teppan fried rice looked good, so I found room in my extra stomach for an order. Basically, you "cook" the egg yourself. Gyoza, homemade karaage fried chicken, a few kinds of rice bowls, even anindofu dessert are all on the menu. 

Though the shop feels ancient, it has only been open since 2008.

And though I am obviously a fan of this one, I have to warn you that it is kind of a pain to get to. Lake Biwa is cool and all, but it's over an hour to Kyoto and over an hour to Nagoya, making this shop a positive pain for non-locals.

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