Monday, March 16, 2020

crab台風 (Crab Typhoon in Ningyocho, Tokyo)


Crab Typhoon is an offshoot of Typhoon, a spot I didn't care for much back in 2009. I look to be in the minority, as they had a bit of success and even opened an outlet in Hong Kong (香港荃灣にらーめん). That said, I can't comment on something I tried once 11 years ago. Let's focus on the new!

Crab Typhoon, as the name suggests, uses crab. While shops have been blending rich tonkotsu soup with dried fish, this is one of the first shops to blend it with crab.

The result isn't very crabby. It's more like a kicked up new-wave tonkotsu ramen. Bits of ocean umami mingling with the heavy collagen of the pork. I really dug this one.

The spicy green sauce is a must. A bit aromatic with a tame amount of heat. This is Japan, after all, and anything above a two on the spice-o-meter just won't fly.

Ramen or soupless noodles on the menu. Choose what you like. If I return I will go for the soupless with an extra serving of the green sauce.

In 2020, they opened a third shop called Typhoon R. Stay tuned!

Official site here.

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