Monday, February 24, 2020

吉山商店 らーめん (Yoshiyama Shoten in Sapporo Station)

吉山商店 らーめん共和国店

Ramen Street. Ramen Stadium. Ramen Park. There are many names for these collections of ramen shops, usually built in airports, next to major train stations, or up in a big department store. Convenience and a chance to try outlets of famous ramen shops without going out of your way. But is the ramen any good?

The Esta building, adjacent to Sapporo Station, brings eight Hokkaido shops together. Sample Asahikawa, Otaru, and Hakodate in one place. Oh, and plenty of local Sapporo shops as well.

I picked one at random, Yoshiyama. Yoshiyama's main shop is in Sapporo, with six other shops in Hokkaido and one in Osaka.

Miso ramen with a bit of backfat.

Good in a pinch, but I really recommend heading to the proper shops if that is an option.

Official site here.

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