Thursday, February 27, 2020

らーめん穂 (Ramen Sui in Asahikawa, Hokkaido)



That's me for a few months out of the year. In Summer of 2019 I headed to Hokkaido for three weeks. Nothing but my motorcycle and a hammock.

This was the setup for the entire time (apart from the odd splurge on a nice ryokan with onsen hot springs and a real bed). Once you figure out the quirks of sleeping in a hammock, you'll never go back to tents again. These things are super light and super cheap (like $30 on Amazon). Find a beach with a couple trees, and life is good.

The northern bits of Hokkaido are truly empty. Ideal for motorcycle riding. Beautiful sea and some decent inland mountains aren't quite epic enough to draw the crowds, but for taking it slow it's the perfect deal.

Local ice cream everywhere you turn. This one, topped with farm-fresh strawberries, is somewhere around Shibetsu, but I can't say for certain. I usually post this stuff on my Instagram.

Ok, ok, ramen time.

Ramen Sui is just north of Asahikawa proper. Maybe a bit out of the way if it is your first time to Hokkaido and you are using public transport, but for the good-ramen-completionist, this is one to hit. Pork and chicken simmered for two days and finished with a deep soy sauce tare. Typical Asahikawa-style ramen.

I loved the mix of local vibe and random automobile tourist crowd.

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