Monday, February 10, 2020

ふじ屋 NOODLE (Fujiya in Sapporo, Hokkaido)


Fujiya is a legend shop in the middle of Sapporo. There are plenty of great miso ramen joints, but for buttery smooth miso ramen this one is up there.

This was part of my 2019 three-week Hokkaido #ramenriders trip. What a blast.

One thing I set out to do on this trip was finding the best unidon in Hokkaido. Locally caught sea urchin on rice.

This is Coco Kapiu (軽食喫茶 ココ・カピウ). It is nowhere near anything, and it was divine. Looking back at my uni hunt, it was an expensive endeavor. I'm writing this during the height of the Covid-19 thing, in a time where I suddenly find my freelance lifestyle leading to zero income, and spending close to $100 for uni on rice seems like insanity.

The rice bowl here was around $35, for the record.

I'll say it again and again, Hokkaido is motorcycle heaven.

It is also a foodie's heaven. Instagramable treats everywhere.

And then there is Sapporo. It's a big city, and not what I am looking for when it comes to motorcycle touring. 

But Sapporo is where the bulk of famous Hokkaido ramen shops are found. I've been to the legendary Saimi and Yukikaze, so it is time to try some new spots.

Miso alongside a black and a white shoyu. Food culture in Hokkaido dictates that shops may specialize in one thing but serve a variety. It's a northern Japanese thing.

Thick pork soup with golden miso. The one is on the heavier side of the ramen spectrum.

Please note, and it says this on their ticket machine, Fujiya doesn't have butter or corn as toppings, so don't ask for it. I know you Americans think miso ramen equals butter corn, but it doesn't. Not that I'm insulting you or your choice. I like pineapple pizza, so I guess we are even.

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