Thursday, January 2, 2020

river ramen in Kyoto

river ramen

River Ramen, along the Takase River in Kyoto, serves up unique, refined bowls. The こはく is a light shoyu ramen with the essence of dried fish. The しろ takes a creamy toripaitan chicken soup and blends it with white miso. It's a stylish shop that is very approachable in the tourist-centric part of Kyoto.

Kyoto is a city of rivers. Well, Kyoto has two rivers, but they are both quite memorable. The large Kamogawa River runs north to south, connecting Kyoto with Osaka and the ocean. During the summer, college kids picnic on its banks while those with money dine on special balconies above. Parallel to the Kamogawa is the Takase River, a small canal lined with restaurant alleyways. It's full of "secret" shops and many restaurants here are near impossible to book.

River Ramen lies in the heart of this 秘店 zone. Yes, I just made up a Japanese word. Hiten, secret shop.

Two simple styles, kohaku meaning amber and shiro menaing white.

They also do tsukemen versions of each.

The kohaku is along the lines of normal gyokai shoyu bowls, with a light soy sauce matching the dashi-centric cuisine of Kyoto. Freshly shaved bonito flakes give a bit of a smoky punch.

The one I really enjoyed was the shiro. Creamy chicken soup is flavored with white miso. The whole thing is topped with burdock tempura. The tempura starts out hot and crunchy, but as it soaks into the soup becomes moist and flavorful. An interesting textural topping.

Official shite here.

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