Monday, January 20, 2020

MASTERPIECE in Katsuura, Chiba


Katsuura Tantanmen is a unique style of spicy ramen hailing from the southern tip of Chiba's Boso peninsula. Light broth, spicy oil, and a boatload of coarsely chopped onions define this style. MASTERPIECE is one of many, many shops in the area serving this tantanmen, and like many shops, you will probably need a car or motorcycle to make it here.

Some Katsuura Tantanmen shops in the area (Ezawa comes to mind) tend to serve a limited menu. Not MASTERPIECE. Their menu book is a dozen pages of choices. Clear soups, creamy tonkotsu soups, and soups flavored with miso are a few choices.

They recommended the black tantanmen. Tonkotsu soup with burnt garlic oil. It's their original style.

The onions in the soup soften in the hot broth, and the negi green onions on top give a nice aroma. 

Gorgeous soup.

Even more menu choices are posted around the shop. It's a nice bonus for the regular local families that come here frequently.

I filmed this one for my YouTube channel, as part of a series I have been working on for years. Will Ramen Riders ever make it to your screen?

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