Thursday, January 9, 2020

房総式ラーメン 人力船 (Jinrikisen in Chiba)

房総式ラーメン 人力船

Jinrikisen serves what can only be described as original-style ramen. Being from Chiba, it is no surprise that it is considered gattsuri ガッツリ style, meaning a heavy, intense, in-your-face assault on your taste buds. And just when you are about done, you throw in rice and cheese and curry and make junk food round two. I'm trying to say it is good.

Customize your bowl. Choose shoyu, miso, or curry. Choose your size and spice level. Choose if you want the おじや or おじや with cheese. More about ojiya later. Choose some toppings.

The shop has some recommended combinations. Volume MAX comes with extra meat and extra noodles. Spicy goes well with the shoyu base. I went with the shop's choice for rookies.カレー風ほれん草チーズおじや。

Heavy bone broth soup flavored with the shop's original 10-spice curry blend. The meat on top is stewed and fried chicken thigh chunks. Spinach added as an extra topping. Oh, baby.

If you order it with ojiya, they will take your leftover soup, throw it in a cast-iron pot with rice and cheese, and bring the whole thing to a raging temperature.

This was one of Susuru's favorite shops a few years back, and I was stoked to make it here. It is right next to case-K, another good ramen shop. Double it up?

Look for the stickers whenever you visit a ramen shop.

Enjoy this boat-themed ramen shop if you find yourself out Chiba way.

Official site here.

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