Monday, January 13, 2020

中華そば 螢 (Hotaru in Saitama)

中華そば 螢

This is one of Saitama's highest-ranked shops. Hotaru can't really be classified by style, as they do shoyu, shio, and miso ramen as well as tsukemen. I guess you could call it thick taste, intense ramen. 濃い味最高風?

Hotaru, meaning firefly, is a good 15-minute walk from Owada Station, which is a good hour by train from Shinjuku. It's no surprise that most Saitama natives have and drive cars around here.

Three main menu items. Chukasoba for a shoyu base. Torisoba for salt. Miso soba for . . . miso.

The miso ramen is made with extract from shrimp, scallop, and oyster. Getting just the essence of ocean umami without much fishy taste was the goal. Miso comes in a blend of funky Shinshu and red misos.

The chukasoba is a new style gyokai bowl, meaning a lot of dried seafood. Mackerel, skipjack, and dried sardines are some of the fish powders that make it into the soup.

A shop like this would be a good stop for motorcycle riders heading north. 

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