Monday, December 23, 2019

萬珍軒 (Manchiken in Nagoya)


Egg drop ramen (玉子とじラーメン) is unique, which is a surprise when you try this famous shop in Nagoya. The shop is huge, doing what I estimate at more than 500 bowls a day in this cavernous 65-seater. Thin noodles pull up bits of the egg, bits of fat, and tons of flavor. It's truly its own style.

Golden hardboiled eggs?

If you crave a little spice, the tantanmen is pretty much just a spicy version of the normal bowl.

Decadent, fluffy, scrambled egg.

Pork bones and Nagoya Cochin (a specialty breed of chicken) are boiled together for the soup. The shop is descended from a yatai place, hence the rough-ish junky nature. Love it.

Manchiken began in 昭和四三, which I think is 1968. Apart from the ramen, gyoza and fried rice are there for the hungry.

Official site here.

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