Monday, December 30, 2019

徳川町 如水 (Josui in Nagoya)

徳川町 如水

Top-level Nagoya ramen at Josui. This is considered a legend shop by many Japanese ramen critics, and I have to agree. Sea salt from Okinawa flavors a rich chicken broth with tender chashu. The soup at Josui strives for a sozai (素材-natural) umami flavor.

Despite the fame of this one bowl, Josui offers a long list of choices. Shio and shoyu, but also one spiked with garlic, a tantanmen, and a bunch of small rice bowls. Next time I'm here, I'm going tantanmen for sure.

Really fantastic stuff.

It is hard to classify this one. Is it light or heavy? East or West? Let's just call it a Nagoya original.

It's also of note that Josui opened a shop in Torrence, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Many people have recommended it to me, though it is low on my list of shops to try in America. To be honest, even if it is amazing I would rather hunt out shops that are originally American when I visit America and originally European when I visit Europe. Please let me know if it is as incredible as people say.

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