Thursday, December 26, 2019

らーめん 半熟堂 (Hanjukudo in Kariya, Aichi)

究極の北京飯・らーめん 半熟堂

Kariya may not be Nagoya proper, but this local shop serves up some spicy Taiwan mazesoba. Considered the most famous noodle export of Japan's third-largest city in recent years, noodles get together with ground meat, raw garlic, and a bit of fat. No soup allowed. The side menu at Hanjukudo includes a bowl of Peking meshi, a local rice dish topped with scrambled egg, fried pork, and a sweet sauce.

Plenty of Engrish here.

Spicy minced pork and plenty of garlic in this bowl of Nagoya soul food.

Mix it up and go to work. You WILL stink after.

The side menu here includes 北京飯. Peking meshi was created at a nearby shop for a television contest. Local castle towns all created their own casual gourmet dish, and this was one of the winners. Rice is topped with a fluffy fried egg, then topped with battered and fried slices of pork, then topped with a sweetened soy sauce. It is, as you expect, good eats. Even if you don't come here for ramen, you might want to pop in for a bowl of this. Just sayin.

Official site here.

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