Thursday, November 21, 2019

自家製麺うろた (Urota Homamade Noodles in Fukushima)


Yup, it's ramen.

I'll admit it, I came here for this one in particular. Most customers are going with one the shop's standard bowls, but the artistic nature of this colorful bowl couldn't be passed up. Jackson Pollock on a plate.

Each paint is made from natural ingredients. Green spinach, yellow kabocha pumpkin, black squid ink. Though the individual flavors get lost in the mix, I appreciate the effort.

The base of this one was a sesame-heavy tantanmen with miso and milk. They served it with a side of Death hot sauce, which basically ruined the entire bowl. At least I got a good two thirds down before that happened.

ペイントクレイジーミルク味噌ラーメン on the menu if you are curious. There are honestly about 20 other menu items, like a shio ramen made with five kinds of shellfish, an oyster sauce soupless ramen, and a karasumi shoyu ramen. A return is in order.

I enjoyed this one. Not a gimmick at all.

Official Twitter here.