Monday, November 25, 2019

つけ麺 繁田 (Shigeta in Kobe, Hyogo)

つけ麺 繁田

I never know where to eat in Kobe, so I just brought up the local rankings. Shigeta was at the top spot when I went. The shop has been open since December of 2015. 

As expected, there is a bit of a line.

Tsukemen, tsukemen with an egg, tsukemen with extra pork. The shop's master, Shigeta-san, considers the noodles to be the main dish, and the soup is just something extra to complement them. Tsukemen is the perfect dish to accentuate noodles.

Beautiful, beautiful pork. The chashu on this one is exquisite. Both the sous vide chicken and tender pork. Excellent. Again, just something to highlight the noodles.

Homemade noodles are thick and wheaty. Be warned that the soup is intense. Pork with massive amounts of dried fish flavors. A tiny sliver of yuzu citrus peel gives some respite from the overbearing nature of this bowl.

The shop also offers a mazesoba that looked particularly tasty. The master's future goals are to open a ramen shop and a mazesoba-only shop, so keep this one in your sights.

Official Facebook here.