Monday, November 4, 2019

Ramen and Kakigori at Florilège in Tokyo


Florilège is a French / Japanese restaurant with two Michelin stars, a healthy spot on the World's 50 Best, and a solid waiting list for reservations. I think it is one of the best spots in Tokyo for a gourmet lunch, which will cost you somewhere around 15,000 yen if you go for a wine pairing. Sure, that is out of the budget for many people, but maybe for a special occasion. The food is quite nice.

Being such a famous shop, chef Kawate-san is often out of town doing collaborations with other stars of the gastronomy world. Instead of leaving the restaurant vacant for those days, the staff take over and do their own thing. One of those things is ramen and kakigori.

This time the ramen was simple dashi, homemade noodles, and a little escargot butter to make it fancy. A very nice bowl.

And then the kakigori. Kakigori is Japanese shaved ice. If you follow my IG, you know I like the stuff. If you shy away from sweets, but love fruit and tea flavors, you can find heaven in kakigori. Clouds of ice topped with fresh seasonal fruits.

Mugwort and Hassaku citrus. Rhubarb and sakura, a slightly salty flavoring. Red sake lees and white miso. Everyone's favorite strawberry. White cacao with butterbur.

With a friend, we tried the red sake kasu and miso, the sakura rhubarb, and the white cacao. What would you go for?

Official site here. Keep an eye on their Instagram account to see if they will do ramen again.