Thursday, October 24, 2019

大盛軒 (Taiseiken in Nakano, Tokyo)


My Japanese isn't terrible, but when I saw this shop on a map, I thought 大盛軒 was 大勝軒. The latter is famous Taishoken. The former nothing of the sort.

Located just outside the never-used east side exit of Higashi-Nakano Station, just by the cop box.

This is a teppan (鉄板) style, meaning you get something on a hot iron plate. How could this possibly tie in with ramen?

Boom! A simple bowl of shoyu ramen with a side of fried pork. Mix in a raw egg and some fried garlic chips, stir it up with the cabbage and slightly spicy sauce, and go to town. This is one serious meal. I love that the noodles are simple, while the topping situation is out of control.

The shop is old school, and the menu is quite large. Expect a rotating menu of sizzling dishes with different kinds of meats and seasonings. At the time, a ginger fry was what many customers were working on.

Official site here.