Monday, October 28, 2019

スパイスらぁめん 釈迦 (Spice Ramen Shaka in Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

スパイスらぁめん 釈迦

Indian spice meets ramen at Shaka.

And like most shops in Tokyo that serve Indian curry dishes, the variety here is deep.

The shop is part of the MENSHO group. In line with everything Shono-san puts out, this one is unique. For me, I really wanted to try the インド式ミールスつけ麺, Indian Meals Tsukemen. I won't lie, this looked like a good one for the gram.

Noodles with a few curry dipping options on the side, as well as various chutney pickles.

In MENSHO fashion, the noodles are homemade and fantastic. Thick, flat things in the case of Shaka. Bits of whole-grain add some substance.

The curries may or may not change over time. This time the tsukemen came with a Northern Indian butter chicken and a Southern Indian pork curry. Along with this, a Sri Lankan coconut soup. Mango pickles, carrot salad, and a curried potato mix are a great bonus.

Countertop chutney if you want more flavor. Though the curries weren't so spicy, the chutney was.

If you prefer just one of these flavors, the shop offers some ramen choices using similar curries.

The Northern Indian is on the mild side, while the Southern Indian 天空 (heaven) is very spicy.

It wasn't anything you need to worry about heat-wise. Japanese spicy is low on the world spice scale.

Cool shop. As with all Shono shops, I can't recommend it enough.