Thursday, October 17, 2019

ローストビーフ油そば ビースト (Roast Beef Aburasoba Beast in Shinjuku, Tokyo)

ローストビーフ油そば ビースト

Mazesoba is trending these days. Or maybe mazesoba is just trending with me. I love the stuff.

One benefit of mazesoba is the liberal use of unique toppings. As the name of the shop suggests, Roast Beef Aburasoba Beast has roast beef. Eat it as is, eat it mixed with the noodles, eat it with vinegar and spices mixed in, and eat it with rice. Another standard at mazesoba shops is an illustrated how-to-eat guide.

A beautiful bowl with the red meat and a couple slivers of red and yellow bell pepper. The cut is ミスジ, or top blade from near the shoulder. One of the more choice bits.

The secret tare seasoning is an aged soy sauce mixture. Mix it up and go. Feel free to add more flavor as you like with their wasabi vinegar or junk powder.

ジャンクパウダー? Junk Powder?

Fried garlic with garam masala spices.

Lots of choices for adding flavors. Horseradish, spicy daikon, salt. Do it how you like it.

The shop is located in the heart of Kabukicho, with an opening time to match. Fridays and Saturdays they open until eight in the morning, while other days only until four. You can choose your amount of beef by weight, so carnivores come hungry.

Official site here.