Monday, October 14, 2019

Noodle Club in Hawaii, USA

Noodle Club

Noodle Club on the north side of the Big Island serves ramen and Japanese snacks, as well as the dreaded saimin. I know this is ramen adventures, but I wouldn't really call this a ramen shop. It's a noodle shop opened by Chef Edwin Goto, a local who just wanted to make tasty food with local ingredients. Hence the above photo of bone marrow on a bowl of pho.

I spy more teriyaki sauce. And bao. Despite my dislike for the concept of a sides-heavy ramen shop, I never let it distract me. Actually, I love to crush a bowl and then kick it with some gyoza and drinks. Ramen first, snacks after.

Won ton min.

Noodles from Sun Noodle, the revolutionary, practically monopoly of a noodle company in America and soon Europe. The soup is made with local beef and pork, simmered for a long time. Mushrooms add some decent umami to the broth. A simple bowl on the surface only.

Much of the shop's ingredients are local, with Waimea having plenty of farms and ranches. Local oxtail was on the menu at the time, as were a few other beef options.

Another shop full of strange art on the wall and a collection of antique toys scattered about.

Official site here.