Monday, October 7, 2019

欽山 (Kinzan in Takamatsu, Kagawa)

らぁめん 欽山製麺所

Kagawa is known for udon, not ramen. But all the good udon shops open at seven in the morning and close not long after. So for some late evening noodles, ramen is where it's at.

Kinzan is a highly ranked spot. To be more specific, it is the highest-ranked shop in the area, with accolades including a spot on west Japan's 100 best list on Tabelog.

Toripaitan hit with a lot of soy sauce. Thick noodles. That shiny layer of chicken oil on top. This is a rough bowl for the late-night crowd. Perfect stuff. Takamatsu has a host of bars in their downtown area, as well as many more elegant restaurants. Shikoku isn't known for this sort of thing, so if your idea of travel involves buying a new Louis Vuitton bag, don't go much further than Takamatsu. With new LCC flights servicing their airport from Tokyo and abroad, it isn't hard to make it down.

Back to the ramen, which I loved. The only other choice in the area is Sanuki Rock, a shop that is a bit more on the refined side of things.

More awards and my guess is they will be given a 2019 one as well.