Monday, September 16, 2019

らぁ麺 とうひち (Touhichi in Kyoto)

らぁ麺 とうひち

I had a feeling I would love this one. Touhichi is on Kyoto's upper west side, and you'll need to drive or take the bus. Not a problem.

Thumbs up for a bus in Japan that has actual leg room for me!

Homemade, organic noodles.

The tsukemen looked incredible. Noodles served in konbusui, viscous kelp water that is pure umami. Not everyone is a fan, as it is as viscous as 10W40 engine oil, but the stuff is good.

Though I love this dish, first-time customers are pushed towards the 鶏醤油らぁ麺, chicken shoyu ramen.

To call this one premium is an understatement. What's above premium?

Local tanba kurodori from Kyoto. Kurosatsumadori from Kagoshima. Hinaidori from Akita. These are all famous brands of chicken in Japan. 京都の京都丹波黒どりと鹿児島の黒さつま鶏と秋田の比内地鶏。

The soy sauce tare is made with a blend of 10 different soy sauces.

Touhichi is one of a few shops in Japan that do this ultra-refined chicken style. Rock'n'Billy S1 is another. For many ramen rookies, this bowl is a game-changer, converting pork loving tonkotsu fans into a lighter breed of rameniacs.

Everything is perfect, apart from the slightly inconvenient location.

This part of town isn't visited often by tourists. Another absolute gem in the area is Rakushan (洛叉庵), probably the best warabimochi in Japan. You will need to call ahead and reserve. There is also one of the most incredible temples in the area. Send me a DM on Instagram if you want to know about it, I've been sworn to secrecy.

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