Thursday, September 12, 2019

流星軒 (Ryuseitai in Kannai, Kanagawa)


Classic shoyu ramen.

In another shop dedicated to Eikichi Yazawa (矢沢 永吉). If you don't know who he is (I didn't), the internet says he is quite famous, selling out stadium tours around Japan and playing benefits with Robert Palmer, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart. He also has a number of ramen shops opened by his hard core fans.

Other Yazawa tribute ramen shops? Takesue comes to mind. I've heard there are many more up in Gunma and Tochigi.

This shop is on the way to Trick, a shop I had an appointment at. Why not have a pre-ramen bowl of ramen!

Classic shoyu. I love these simple bowls, as most people can crush one with ease. The entire time, from sitting down, to ordering, to eating, to paying took about three songs.

Official twitter here.