Thursday, September 19, 2019

名前のないラーメン屋 (No Name Ramen Shop in Kyoto)


Kyoto is, of course, full of traditional dining, impossible-to-reserve kaiseki, and Michelin stars for days. But every time I go, I fail to plan and end up just checking ramen shops off my ever-growing list.

Located in a basement along the Takase River, No Name looks like it could be among the former restaurants. Stylish is an understatement, with an actual garden within the restaurant, and a long cement counter with views, albeit just a sliver of a view, of the river.

Go for motsu (intestines), chashu, or wagyu beef.

I had to go with the motsu. A touch of offal in a thick ramen soup is always a good thing in my opinion. 

Some lightly fried veggies make a nice contrast to the funky meat. This one is a powerhouse.

With the minimalist styling comes some cool minimalist condiment drawers. Garam masala spice, sansho pepper, red pepper, black pepper.

I always imagine shops like this will disappear, as rent must be through the roof, but No Name seems to be doing well. There were a handful of foreign diners in the shop when I went, most of them choosing the wagyu. Something for everyone.