Monday, September 23, 2019

キラメキノトリ (Kirameki no Tori in Kyoto)


Walking back to my hotel, I saw a colorful ramen shop, something I shouldn't skip. I also shouldn't say hotel. I stayed at the wonderful First Cabin, a chain that is a cross between traditional business hotel and capsule. No, I'm not sponsored by them, but when prices for hotels in Kyoto are over $100 these days, the $30 bed here was something special.

Back to the random ramen shop I walked into.

Turns out they are part of a chicken-centric group of shops around the Kyoto area, with one in Osaka and one in Fukuoka for good measure. The mazesoba and Taiwan mazesoba all looked good, but I had to go with the signature tori paitan.

Solid. Noodles are made in their own noodle factory with 100% Hokkaido wheat for the ramen, and 100% Nagano wheat for the mazesoba.

If you notice the comically sized bowls on the counter, those are for the largest size of the mazesoba. Something like 5x the normal size. Literally the ギガ size. Maybe someday.

If you want to see the whole lineup of their bowls, check their site here.

Official site here.