Monday, August 5, 2019

ヌードル マイスター 源九 (Noodle Meister Genk in Jimbocho, Tokyo)

ヌードル マイスター 源九|神保町/九段下 ラーメン

Genk? What kind of name is that?

源 - Gen
九 - Ku


A new shop on the shoyu niboshi scene.

There are quite a few shops serving this style these days. Rich soy sauce hit with dried sardines for an umami boost. Thick-cut tender chashu. Raw onion topping.

I'm the wrong person to ask about this style. I really don't like the raw onion. I'll eat around it, and hopefully, by the end of the bowl, the white bits have softened and sweetened. The soup, sans tamanegi, was quite nice though.

Egg on point.