Thursday, August 15, 2019

麺屋ぬかじ (Menya Nukaji in Shibuya, Tokyo)


Good old Shibuya. This part of town is one of the most popular in town, and I'm often asked for recommendations. To be honest, I could only recommend Hayashi, a lunch-only spot on the south side of the station.

Until now.

Nukaji is a decent tsukemen spot, they serve craft beer, and they are smack in the middle of all the fun.

Go spicy, and go with the Minoh beer.

Standard tsukemen, smoky and deep in dried fish flavors. If you want a bit more, add in their sanma dashi soy sauce, a seasoning made with Pacific saury.

Minoh Beer from Osaka is instantly recognizable with their bold labeling. Their IPAs and stouts are my personal favorites, though I generally don't drink beer with ramen. One comes before the other, in whatever order you like.

Located near the place that got famous for the most horrible looking Chicago pizza on earth.