Thursday, August 8, 2019

銀座ル・コチア (Le Kochia Truffle Noodles in Ginza, Tokyo)


Gourmet ramen isn't really a thing. Ramen should be affordable and casual. For this reason, you rarely see premium ingredients like truffle or foie gras. Here at Le Kochia, you see both.

The third floor of a random building in Ginza, the fancy part of town. There are many, many secret gourmet spots on random floors in Ginza.

Le Kochia is a French restaurant that specializes in truffles. It isn't insanely expensive, like many other Ginza high-end dining spots, but it ain't cheap. Dinner courses start at 7000 yen, with the full deal going for 15,000 yen.

When I heard about their lunch, ramen topped with truffles, I expected at least 3000 yen, maybe more. At only 1800 yen, this one is actually quite approachable. Feel free to add on some foie gras or roasted duck breast, or stick with the basic version.

Finished with some heavy cream.

I'd go here again someday without hesitation. The chef was friendly, the food excellent, and it wasn't crowded at all. Sure, the fancy ingredient aspect is a deterrent for some ramen heads, but variety is key with this kind of cuisine.

Official site here.